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Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage done by Teri. A.R.T. Certified.Deep Tissue and Sports Massage done by Heather.Deep Tissue and Sports Massage done by Stephanie.Deep Tissue and Sports Massage done by Sunny.Teri does Sports Massage in Huntington Beach (and the area) for surfers and athletes.I do sports massage.Meet Teri, your Massage Therapist Extraordinaire! A.R.T. Certified.Our tables are much more comfortable but this one looks cool!Our tables are much more comfortable but this one looks cool!We love surfers. Surfers love us!We love surfers. Surfers love us!Not an actual representation of our facilities. Ours are nicer.Not an actual representation of our facilities. Ours are nicer.
Sports Massage for athletes.Whether your into daily dawn patrol, a weekend warrior or a fierce competitor; athletes use muscles most people don't know exist.
Massage is soothing after a hard workout.From a surfer's rotator cuff disfunction, injured muscles from a heavy workout or tight traps from too much time in front of the computer; our bodies take a beating.
Deep Tissue Massage heals tight muscles.Massage is a great way to speed up recovery time while conditioning muscles for better performance.
Massage helps get ready for competition.So if your training for competition and want to improve, recovering from an injury or need relief from a chronic issue, Surf & Sport Massage is THERAPEUTIC massage customized to address YOUR needs. If your ready to feel better CALL TODAY for an appointment. You'll be glad you did!(714) 584-9370
Five minutes of 'dress time' is included in every session.

Deep Tissue Treatment

This therapeutic massage uses hard core pressure on problem areas. Advanced massage techniques are used to reduce pain and muscle tension; loosening up any tight spots.

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The Royal Treatment (90min Deep Tissue with Hot Stones and Muscle Recovery & Relief Lotion)

Designed to remove severe tension: deep tissue massage coupled with the pain relieving/anti-inflammatory properties of Muscle Recovery & Relief Lotion* and the muscle release/circulation increase of Hot Stones. This massage is phenomenal for resolving pain caused by muscles and connective tissue issues; it helps to break up knots and release tight tissues.

90 minutes Deep Tissue with Hot Stones and Muscle Recovery & Relief Lotion$190Buy as GiftBook Now

Active Release Technique: A.R.T.

Active Release Technique: A.R.T. is a state of the art soft tissue massage technique that uses movement to treat problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves. Many chronic injuries and conditions can be resolved quickly with A.R.T.

30 minutes A.R.T. session$9560 minutes A.R.T with Sports or Deep Tissue Massage Combo$16590 minutes A.R.T with Sports or Deep Tissue Massage Combo$205Buy as GiftBook Now

Sports Massage

Designed to improve performance, prevent injury and promote quick recovery. Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Transverse Friction and Stretching are used to address injuries, while dynamic flushing is used to remove lactic acid.

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The Olympic Treatment 90min Sports Massage with Cupping and Muscle Recovery & Relief Lotion

Sports massage uses a variety of massage techniques designed to help your body feel freer and stronger. The combination of massage with Cupping and Muscle Recovery & Relief Lotion* provides increased circulation, better range of motion and a myofascial release for tight/knotted muscles that suffer from over-use. It is particularly great for those with active lifestyles.

90 minutes Sports Massage with Cupping and Muscle Recovery & Relief Lotion $190Buy as GiftBook Now

Custom Therapeutic Massage

This treatment focuses on your problem areas and related areas that may be causing pain. A combination of neuromuscular, deep tissue and heat therapy may be used in this treatment. Everybody is different... We design a treatment that works for you.

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Trinity Treatment

We use every tool available to resolve your pain issues with this 90min Custom Therapeutic Massage. We focus on your specific problem areas and related areas that may be causing pain by using a combination of modalities including Deep Tissue & Sports Massage Techniques. Cupping, Hot Stones and Muscle Recovery & Relief lotion* gives the 'WOW' factor to an already awesome massage.

90 min Custom Therapeutic with cupping, hot stones and muscle recovery & relief lotion $200Buy as GiftBook Now

Surf-N-Massage Combo

Learn to surf then get a relaxing massage. What a perfect day!

90 min surf lesson & 60 min massage$250Buy as GiftCall to Book

Pre-Natal Massage

This massage addresses the special needs of mothers-to-be. We use a specially designed massage table equipped with a pregnancy cushion that allows the expecting mother to comfortably rest face down without pressure on baby. We also use side-lying postures with cushions for her comfort. (massage is not recommended during 1st trimester)

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Hot Stone Massage

Smooth, heated stones are incorporated into any style massage you choose. Stones retain heat which deeply penetrates the muscles, easing stressed tissues and pain.

Add on to any massage$10

Cupping/Myofascia Therapy

Highly recommended for those in need of a deep tissue fix. Cupping is an ancient practice that uses suction to stretch tight muscles, loosen connective tissues, clear toxins and reduce inflammation. Great for the competitor who suffers from muscle and joint injuries, chronic pain and overused muscles.

Add on to any massage$10

Muscle Recovery & Relief Lotion*

This clinical strength lotion is formulated with FDA-approved ingredients and natural emollients that penetrate deep to quickly increase blood flow to joints and muscles relaxing sore tissues to interrupt pain signaling. The therapeutic properties of this blend will enhance any massage treatment. (We've found it's especially effective when combined with hot stones or cupping.)

Add on to any massage$10
Deep Tissue Massage is great for after lifting weights.After a gruling workout, Teri's treatments have a noticable effect on my recovery. Anyone who has intense workouts needs to see Teri. She's the best!
An amazing massage relaxes and releases tension.I tend to get stress knots in my upper back, neck, and shoulders. The hot stones, warm cloths, and homemade essential oils Teri uses in her treatments just melt them away. Thanks Teri!
Athletes of all levels need Teri's Sports Massages.Teri does great work! I was in a motorcycle accident and was injured pretty badly. She worked out the scar tissue in my ankle, and she fixed my back giving me mobility and flexibility to surf again. She's professional and cares about your outcome!
Q: What are the benefits of massage? Some of the benefits include headache and stress relief, joint mobilization, speeded up healing time, improved circulation.  Massage relaxes and rejuvenates muscles, improves quality of sleep, improves circulation, decreases anxiety, increases energy, improves focus/concentration, and increases metabolism.Q: What is your Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy? Please contact us ASAP if you need to change your appointment time.  We have a strict 24 hour cancellation or rescheduling policy.  We require that any changes to your appointment time be made 24 hours prior to your existing appointment time or you will be charged the full amount of your scheduled service. (Same day appointments are not exempt) When we schedule your appointment, it is your time for treatment; meaning we don't double book.  We respect your time, as we would hope that you respect our time and our business.Q: What are Contraindications for massage? Some Contra-indications are (but not limited to):  uncontrolled hypertension, uncontrolled diabetes, fractures, herniated discs, malignancy, cold, flu, contagious skin diseases, open sores or wounds and deep vein thrombosis.
Q: What are “knots”?  How do they get in my back? Knots are damaged tissue or a collection of scar tissue in the muscle.  Also known as adhesions, they can be caused by muscle spasm, trauma, poor posture or overuse.  Athletes who engage in repetitive motions are subject to overuse that causes micro-tears in muscle and scarring may occur.  People who spend hours working in front of the computer may experience knots caused by poor posture, causing muscles to be stretched for long periods of time and not getting proper circulation.  Massage is used to break up the scar tissue that causes these knots and restore circulation the effected tissue.Q: Why should I drink water after a massage? The body builds up metabolic wastes and various toxins that get trapped and stored in soft tissues.  These wastes are extracted from tissues and pushed into the blood stream and lymphatic system during a massage.  Drinking water helps flush these wastes out of the body.  Not drinking water may cause headache from all the toxins and allow them to resettle within your body as internal waste once again.  Make sure you drink at least one 16oz bottle of water after your massage.Q: How often should I get a massage? For people who have serious pain, we suggest once a week until we are able to address the core issues causing pain, relieve the symptoms and re-educate the body’s “muscle memory”.  After the client is feeling better, we suggest at least once a month for maintenance.  Especially for those who continue to engage in same activities that caused the disfunction initially.

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